10 Things Not To Do When Throwing A Great Adults Party (There’s More To It Then Adult Party Bags)

Timing or planning; it is hard to say which is more important, isn’t it? Generally when throwing what you hope will be great party for adults, it’s unlikely you will want to schedule it for a Monday night of a working week. That is assuming most of your friends are 9 to 5 workers. Timing is everything from that point of view.

Planning however, is definitely what will result in your party being talked about… for the right reasons, as opposed to the wrong reasons. There’s a whole lot more to planning a fantastic adult party then ordering in some adult party bags! Yet even when you think that you have the timing and the planning right, there are still 10 things that you really don’t want to do!

The Great Adult Party – 10 Things You Don’t Want To Do

1. Now that you’ve decided to host the party of the year in your home, you really don’t want to overdo it by getting some decoration or remodelling done in time for the party.

2. You and I may be animal lovers, but not everyone else is. Don’t decide to leave Fluffy and Fido wandering around, nibbling the guests’ food. A successful adult party is a bit like a smooth film set, it will run much better without children or animals. (That is unless of course you have other children invited).

3. If children are invited, make sure you arrange a designated play area which is suitable for them to enjoy themselves. Don’t let them run all over the place.

4. Even if your house is beautiful, don’t be a house bore with your guests. Let them enjoy the party and they will no doubt enjoy your house.

5. Don’t lose the plot if someone spills drink or food on your lovely furniture, or carpet. Be calm and gracious, and clean it up without any fuss.

6. For the food, don’t be too ambitious and try to create too many elaborate dishes. Instead ensure you cater for meat eaters and vegetarians, and make dishes you know you make well each time.

7. Don’t spend all the party serving the guests, plan beforehand to have some help so that you can be the host or hostess with the “mostess”.

8. There is some truth in some of the old sayings. Don’t let the conversation wander into the classic controversial subjects such as politics or religion. It may be interesting, but it can touch a nerve with some people.

9. Don’t feel you are doing people a favour by making forced introductions. Introductions are fine, but let them happen naturally, most adults know that this is part of enjoying a party.

10. Don’t take a phone call during the party, not unless it is a life or death situation. Your mother’s tale of her annoying neighbours will wait until tomorrow.

Now that you know about these 10 things that you don’t want to do, then the next step is to decide on a fun theme for the party. A small amount of money spent on adult party themes with suitable adult party bags will contribute hugely to the success of your party!