Adult Parties Allow the Grown Ups to Let Their Hair Down

Adult parties provide an excellent release from the humdrum work lives that engulf so many people during the week. So often parents do not have the opportunity to be adults and enter in conversation that doesn’t revolve around their children. Weekend adult activities are an excellent escape into adulthood.

Gather your friends at your home for an adult party. If possible, hire one or two babysitters who can watch all children and split the cost among the parents. This will ensure that more guests attend your party.

Potluck appetizers are a great way to provide food for your adult party. Have everyone bring a dish and put out a buffet display as the dishes arrive. This way the burden of cooking for all guests does not fall to the party thrower.

A great game to play at adult parties is “Celebrity.” For this game you will need to provide all guests with slips of paper for them to write names of famous people. Names can be actors, musicians, and authors or any other notable person of history. Divide the guest into two teams or pairs and have on person select a name. They must describe the person and get their team to identify without using their name. Prizes can be awarded to the couple or team who identifies the most celebrities. Have fun with the prizes; give away adult beverages or other quirky household items as fun gifts for the evening.

Before you step back into reality of parenting, say a toast honoring your guests at your adult party and thank them for attending. Suggest that next time the party be at their house!